Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diane - a wonderful work of heART

Hello - our first blog is a tribute to a woman who is my friend. Diane and I have sons who are 12 years old and on the Autistic Spectrum. Diane was a devoted, single mom. She was one of the first families to join HeARTs for Autism.

She passed away suddenly a week ago. Heartbreaking in so many ways.

We created HeARTs for Autism in 2005 as a way to help families with support and advocacy. We use the Arts in therapeutic ways with spectrum kids and their families. Diane loved the program and even renamed it to just be "Hearts." When we asked her why she said, "It's because I and the others can just feel the love ooze out of the rooms and flow all over helping everyone to feel better." Diane told us she found joy at our meetings, which for her was a healing.

A few of her son's pieces of art are popular display pieces when we do art shows and educational outreaches. Diane created beautiful art also as a tribute for her son.

We are saddened by her loss, and yet even more inspired to reach out and support more spectrum families.

Sending much love to her son...and family...

Peace and Love to you Diane...what a wonderful work of heART you have been for us all!