Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tshirt Art Time

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Looking for some Cool Summer fun? Need to take a break from the outdoor activities? Need to get the kids moving? Or need to channel the kids' energy? Here's a simple fun project: T-Shirts!

Materials needed: Shirts, fabric paints, glitter, sequins, any other cool things you want on shirt & IMAGINATION

Parents and kids, please make sure you protect the surface where you do your creations. Let your creativity flow. We did splatter paint in the backyard under the shady tree, which made for some great effects.

Set the shirts aside to dry. Wear and enjoy!

(Parents, be careful when washing...handwash or delicate cycle suggested, air dry, to protect your creations!)

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  1. Hello! How's the summer going? Here's a fun activity for the family. (click on image to enlarge.)
    Stay cool and Enjoy!